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Arngeir Hauksson

Theorbo, Cittern, Renaissance Guitar, Lute, Gittern, Saz, Hurdy Gurdy, Percussion

I started making music in my early teens with a punk rock band. I soon wanted to play jazz but in Reykjavik, where I'm from, you had to learn the classical guitar before being allowed to enrol on the jazz course. So that's what I did, and I haven't looked back. I also started singing in a college choir and this, alongside my discovery of classical music, led me to the fascinating world of early music.

After moving to London and having finished my post-graduate training in guitar and lute, I was invited to join a medieval group. With medieval music's open tunings, improvisations and plectrum playing, my life came full circle. Strange world!

Since then I have been lucky to play medieval, renaissance, baroque and newly written music with many leading UK period instrument ensembles and orchestras, and I have worked in theatres all over the world.

Too many instruments, too many different tunings, but what fun! And I still have my Fender Telecaster, which is nearly as old as me.